Clinical Medicine

The college offers Ordinary Diploma in Clinical Medicine

Ordinary Diploma programme for the training of clinical officers. The college focuses on has influenced the planning and formulation of health service programmes in the country where people are expected to participate in identifying their health needs as well as planning and implementing health care programmes.

Clinical officers have continued to play a vital role as clinicians and managers not only at the level of rural health facilities but also in the running of District, Provincial and National hospitals. They are among the first clinicians to come into contact with the patients and clients. With the expanding health care programmes and facilities there continues to be a need to increase the number of health workers to provide preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative health services and clinical officers are at the front line. 

This programme is geared towards producing innovative, creative and flexible graduates who will cope with the dynamic changes of technology and socio-economic needs.

Clinical medicine programme at SCoHST aims at producing better trained clinical officers who should not only be effective in providing services but who should also be able to competitively access higher education.